If you are looking for a telecom and engineering company in Indiana that has plenty of experience with Cat-5 and Cat-6 cable installation, fiber optics and testing, and cable racking, cabinets, and bays, Millennium Technical Services is the choice. Our company also does 48Vdc, engineering, power cables lacing and stitching, copper installation, and removal of telecom equipment in Indiana.

Cat-5 and Cat-6 cable installation is a central part of any business telecommunication in Indiana. Cat-5 and Cat-6 allow communication of information, and are commonly used for Ethernet connections. Millennium Technical Services also deals with fiber optics and copper installation, as well as lacing and stitching them. Cat-5 and Cat-6 are great methods of transferring information, and so are fiber optics and copper installation. MTS can help you choose the best type of cable installation and whether Cat-5, Cat-6, fiber optics, or copper installation are the best way to go for your business in Indiana. We can also help you decide on lacing, stitching, racking, cabinets, and bays for your cables, as well as remove any telecom equipment you may need.

In addition to Cat-5 and Cat-6, copper installation, and fiber optics, our telecom company removes telecom equipment and installs 48Vdc, wire testing, engineering, racking, bays, cabinets, lacing, and stitching in Indiana. These services keep your wiring and cables clean and neat to help avoid future problems. If your wires seem to be taking over the office, it’s time for you to consider racking, cabinets, bays, lacing, or stitching. Racking contains cables, while cabinets and bays can be built to house the wiring and prevent damage. Lacing and stitching are great ways to keep cables together, whether they are in a box, a wall, or in the interior of a building. Lacing and stitching are safe ways to organize and maintain cables, such as Cat-5 and Cat-6, 48Vdc power cables, and fiber optics. Racking, lacing, and stitching are all services offered by Millennium Technical Services, and can help maintain a building’s safety as well as ease of use.

Millennium Technical Services does power cable testing, fiber optics testing, Cat-5 and Cat-6 testing, 48Vdc testing, and copper installation testing as part of our engineering in Indiana. We believe in testing our products to make sure your needs are met and our customers are satisfied, so if you need telecommunications cable or wiring testing, we can help.